Years of experience Visionary thinking

As specialists in ink doctoring systems and anilox rollers, Absolute and Pamarco been working in the flexo industry for decades, including all the big names and all of the specialist suppliers you’ve heard of. What makes us different from our rivals is that we were never truly satisfied with the industry standard.

We see that there are better ways of doing things: quicker, simpler and safer ways of achieving unbeatable levels of cleaning for anilox rollers. It’s taken our talented specialists years of R&D as well as rigorous real-world testing to make SONO perfect. Like all the best technological innovations though, it’s been worth the wait.

Driven by innovation

SONO is the brainchild of Absolute, coupled in 2013 with the resources of Pamarco. Absolute and Pamarco are leaders in their field. Together, we’re focussing on delivering excellence in innovative inking systems and print technologies. With visionary thinking and design engineering expertise we’re creating solutions that radically improve the everyday operations of our customers. SONO is the first of a series of new solutions we’ll be introducing to our industry.

Today, Absolute is trusted by some of the world’s best-known brands who operate packaging print lines. These companies run complex systems and demanding applications, so they need equipment supplier partners whose knowledge and ingenuity delivers reliability, safety and commercial efficiencies they can always count on.

Pamarco’s award-winning product line has earned it a global customer base over the course of the company’s 70-year history. In fact, it’s the largest manufacturer of anilox rollers in the world. Today, its specialisms include flexo, offset, coating and laminating, corrugating, embossing and gravure – each area approached with the same mix of expertise, ingenuity and manufacturing excellence, and backed by after-sales service customers know they can count on.

Absolute is a trusted world leader in the design and manufacture of carbon fibre-chambered doctor blade systems, with more than 7,000 successful installations worldwide. A visionary team of innovators and problem solvers, the company was determined to create the world’s best anilox roller cleaning system by combining its in-depth knowledge of the flexo industry with its design and engineering expertise. SONO is the end result.

Discover SONO

The product

The world’s only on-press anilox cleaner that uses ultrasonic technology for unbeatable speeds and cleaning consistency.

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The performance

Boost productivity by shrinking your cleaning cycle times as much as 90%, with cleaner rollers, better safety and minimal production interruption all thrown in.

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