Two Operatives. Twenty minutes. Job done.

The power of ultrasonics on-press

SONO was designed for speed. Years of working with flexo print units had taught us lots of things, but one issue really stood out: off-press cleaning is painfully slow, and that means expensive. Our specialist design engineers developed a unique SmartGuide docking system for SONO: one that reduces set-up to just 5 minutes.

When it’s in place, SONO’s ultrasonic cleaning process is also ultrafast, with a 20-minute cycle producing consistently spotless results. With printer downtime lowered to the absolute minimum, printing productivity soars. Better profitability follows close behind.

Ultimate colour consistency

Consistency is key. The dirt on Anilox rollers isn’t consistent, which means other cleaning systems can give variable results because of their inherent limitations. SONO is different, for two crucial reasons.

Firstly, even standard off-press ultrasonic technology delivers a deeper clean than other technologies. Secondly, our system’s simple to operate and fully automatic too, guaranteeing a repeatable and consistent outcome whichever operator uses it.

On top of that, because the entire process is so easy and quick, you can clean your rollers more often, and that allows you to guarantee even higher levels of consistency than your competitors using traditional anilox cleaners.

Eight times faster

It’s not quite blink-and-you’ll-miss-it fast, but it’s very close. SONO’s revolutionary design and on-press ultrasonic technology accelerates installation, cleaning and removal cycles to as little as 20 minutes, and that’s from start to finish.

Alternative anilox roll cleaners either require removal of the roll or a compromise on cleaning performance. Now SONO has arrived, the compromise you had to make has gone – completely.

Compared to typical off-press cleaning processes for anilox rollers, SONO performs eight times faster. This would allow you to clean all of the rollers on a typical 5-colour press and be back up and running in the time it currently takes you to clean just one.

8x faster
  • Typical off-press
    cleaning process

Streamlined production

Print line downtime eats into productivity, so we designed SONO to perform so quickly that it allows printers to run cleaner for longer. When it comes to maximising your machinery’s runtime over a fixed period of weeks, months or years, no other anilox cleaning system comes even close.

Corrugated press production cycle (BOBST 618)
Based on a 21k sheets per hour production cycle
  • 0hr
  • 1hr
  • 2hr
  • 3hr
  • 4hr
  • 5hr
  • 6hr
  • 7hr
  • Typical off-press
    ultrasonic cleaning
    Start cleaning process
    0k Sheets produced
  •  cleaning
    Start cleaning process
    0k Sheets produced

100% clean
100% of the surface

SONO’s finely-tuned ultrasonic cleaning system is a bit of a perfectionist, working at a microscopic level to thoroughly cleanse every individual anilox roller cell. It means ink residue is removed entirely.

SONO’s unique on-press design uses a smaller volume of cleaning solution, enabling it to achieve a far higher KW/m3 of ultrasonic power compared to ‘in-tank off -press’ cleaning. It’s this increased power that delivers a clean that’s measurably more thorough (even by ultrasonic standards) right across the roller.

Consistently cleaner rollers

SONO’s speed and ease of use means that you can schedule cleaning of your anilox rollers on a more regular basis, preventing ink residue from building up to levels that will result in reduced colour consistency.

20% 7% 2 Months 4 Months 6 Months Cell ink residue Time > ! ! !

  • cleaning

  • Typical off-press
    ultrasonic cleaning

  • Unacceptable colour

No fork lifts

On-press cleaning eliminates the need for removing heavy and awkward rollers. That doesn’t just save time and make forklifts unnecessary: it significantly reduces the health & safety risk to your employees, and that seriously boosts their morale.

Two Operatives

State-of-the-art stainless steel construction means SONO is light and portable enough for just two workers to carry, install and operate. Freeing up your people drives up your efficiencies, and that’s one more reason why SONO helps save your business money.

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